Leave the admin to us

Do what you do best and we take care of the rest.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners know that time is precious and there is very little of it available to do admin work.

VireVirtual Admin Assistant takes care of your admin work for a fixed number of hours per month, on a subscription model, leaving your time open to do what you do best.

Skilled Virtual Assistants

VireVirtual Assistants are skilled at performing admin tasks and have been doing so for years. Now they are doing the same great work online, for you.

Subscription-based service

Get a dedicated number of hours per month on a subscription-based model to ensure that your admin work gets done.

Completely digital

Our virtual assistants operate completely digital and can perform all of your admin work via email or Whatsapp.

How does it work?

  1. Apply for VireVirtual Assistant by clicking the button below
  2. Fill out the customer form, detailing your information, description of the admin work required (along with special instructions) and your choice of VireVirtual Assistant monthly bundled hours.
  3. A VireVirtual Assistant will make contact to confirm your subscription if you application is successful, payment details and instructions on how to submit any materials/paperwork/resources needed for the admin work.
  4. Easy as that. You know have a VireVirtual Assistant to help with all the nagging paperwork and admin.

What does it cost?

This service is in beta-testing – which means it is operational in order to test the product model, terms and mechanisms. For that reason, we are introducing limited availability subscriptions at a discounted rate. The reason for the discount is that you are in turn helping us test the VireVirtual Admin Assistant service.

Pricing below is available for the beta testing period. Once the subscriptions limit for this testing phase is filled, pricing for new subscriptions may change when the product enters the general availability phase.

Startup Package

Designed for startups that need a hand with basic admin tasks

R2,550.00 incl. VAT

8 Hours per month

Plus Package

Caters to the entrepreneur who needs assistance with admin and business growth tasks.

R6,890.00 incl. VAT

25 Hours per month

Business Package

Designed to help take some admin tasks off the hands of small businesses

R11,390.00 incl. VAT

45 Hours per month

Frequently Asked Questions

So far, tasks that we have defined as admin work include:

  • invoice creation and payment processing
  • transcription of voice recordings/meeting notes
  • calendar management and appointment scheduling
  • letter and document drafting
  • expense recording
  • responding to customer emails
  • When does my subscription start?
    Your subscriptions starts as soon as you accept the terms of service document and full payment is made upfront.
  • When does my subscription end?
    Your subscription is valid until all of the hours in your selected bundle runs out, or for 60 days after the commencement of your subscription.
  • Do the hours in my package expire?
    Yes. The unused hours in your selected subscription expire after 60 days after it’s commencement.
  • What happens when my subscription runs out?
    If there are no more hours available in your selected package, you can add additional hours at an hourly rate. This rate will be offered to you for acceptance before anything happens, so that you can evaluate it. We do it this way to get you the best possible price based on availability of resources.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we can unfortunately not process refunds or credits for the remaining hours in your package.

We accept EFT payments, which need to reflect in our bank account before any work commences.

There are three options available to you as a client of VireVirtual Admn Assistants:

  • Whatsapp chat
  • Email correspondence
  • Via telephone

Our assistants make use of cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive. Please let them know which option you prefer to transfer documents and other materials between yourself and Vire.

We’re fully compliant with all South African information privacy protection acts and policies. Spam annoys us too, we promise not to use your info for anything nefarious.