Go paperless with alaris

Goodbye paperwork piles

Alaris (a Kodak Alaris company) is the industry leader in manufacturing document scanners and going paperless – so we didn’t even bother speaking to anybody else. Learn more about Alaris and the document scanner solutions that we offer:

Alaris Authorised Reseller
What do you need it for?

Work from Home

Working from home? We've got the perfect range of Alaris scanners that will fit your home office and budget.

Small Business

Alaris has the scanner to fit almost every kind of small business setup, without breaking the bank for a massive document processing tower.


Need serious horsepower for high volume scanning? Take a look at these beasts.

Data Capture and Forms Processing

Transform your physical customer forms into digital records with smart scanning solutions by Alaris.

Alaris product range

Desktop Scanners

Entrepreneur or Small Business? These models are ideal for you.

Departmental Scanners

Scanners for multiple departments that need multiple batches scanned daily.

Production Scanners

High-volume scanners perfect for data capturing operations.