About us

Vire was launched in 2015 to address the growing need for customer-focused business technology buying services.

We know that buying for your business isn't always a straight forward process. You need to get the exact specifications for the product that you're buying, then you need to find a supplier that can provide it. After a lot of research and phoning around, your procurement department then gathers few quotes before the business can make a purchase decision.

Vire was created to simplify the technology buying process for South African businesses. We've made quoting the focal point of the Vire experience, so that your business has the right information on availability and pricing. The entire experience is based on the framework of an online store, so that users can easily find their way around our catalogue and get to the products that matter.

Our online catalogue features all of the core technology products that a business may need, sourced from the top brands and distributors in South Africa. This ensures that all of our products are offered at the best price and come with all the optimal local maintenance & support coverage available.


Vire and Kitchen Junky are both owned and operated by NetRobot (Pty) Ltd.