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What Vire can do for your business

What Vire can do for your business

Vire has made it as easy as possible for your business to acquire business technology products, like scanners, laptops and projectors.

We understand that businesses require quotations before a purchase can be made, and that procurement and sourcing staff cannot simply swipe a company credit card online. For this reason, our online catalogue has been set up to give you the best of both worlds: the look, ease and feel of an online store, combined with the functionality to request quotations on multiple products with electronic fund transfers (EFT) payment options.

This means that your procurement department can browse through our catalogue with convenient navigators and search functionality to find exactly what they are looking for, before requesting a quote on all of the products that they need. Once a quotation is delivered back to them, payment can be made way that your business is already comfortable with. This reduces the time required for sourcing the right items and does not interfere too much with the status quo of paying for them.

Vire is currently the go-to hardware and software provider for numerous small to medium businesses, where we learn from what our customers need from a supplier and make the necessary changes to accommodate them. Through these changes, we create a better, more efficient way to get the right technology into your hands.

Try Vire for your next business technology purchase to see what we can do for your business.

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