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Welcome to the new home of Vire!

Almost a year and a half ago (February 2015), Vire launched as an online store focusing on business and consumer technology products. Business started out slowly, and we learned a lot from how customers interacted with us and how they wanted to buy their tech products. We made adjustments to our processes and platforms, and made plans on how to deliver a better customer experience through our online store. Now, we launch with a brand new look to our online catalogue, which is designed to streamline the buying process for businesses. 

Here's what we've done.

We learned what was working for business customers and streamlined those processes. Our site has always been focused on getting the most relevant prices and stock levels by delivering quotes through quote request functionality. Now, our site features a quote list that allows for multiple products to be added to your quote request while you browse through our catalogue. Functioning in the same way as a shopping cart, this quote list can be modified and accessed at any time, ensuring that your request contains all of the items that your business would like to be quoted on.

Our store now has improved search and navigation functionality, making it easier for you to reach the right products with as little effort as possible. Try out our auto-complete suggestions when you type something into the search bar, or the tag navigator in the left sidebar. 

The online store features an expanded catalogue, featuring more brands and products. This means that we've added a better and more relevant selection for you to browse through, so that your shopping experience will be richer and more detailed.

What hasn't changed

Vire still aims to deliver exceptional customer service. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us at any point during your shopping experience to ask a question or to learn more about our products. 

The website handles no transactions and features HTTPS encryption, completely securing your interaction with Vire. Security is very important to us, and we make sure that our customers are protected as long as they are on our website.

Our brand's stand-out feature has become the 'Can we find it for you?' service. If you cannot find the specific product on our catalogue, send us an email or give us a call, and we will attempt to find it for you.

Vire aims to grow even further in the coming months and we will keep monitoring how our customers interact with the store. We'd like to thank all our existing customers for their continued support, and to welcome all new users.


The Vire team.

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