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Simplify your Supply Chain with Vire

Vire has always been about businesses. From the very beginning, we envisaged an online platform that can bridge the gap between companies and the technology products that they require to move to the next level. The site evolved from a simple online store to a service that provides more than the product itself. Here are some of what we believe we have...

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Live chat launched on our online catalogue

This week, Vire has launched a new live chat feature on the website, designed to deliver a better, more robust browsing experience to our customers. While browsing the online catalogue, users can click the chat bar in the bottom right hand corner to open a one-on-one conversation with one of our sales consultants. This feature works on both the desktop and...

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What Vire can do for your business

Vire has made it as easy as possible for your business to acquire business technology products, like scanners, laptops and projectors. We understand that businesses require quotations before a purchase can be made, and that procurement and sourcing staff cannot simply swipe a company credit card online. For this reason, our online catalogue has been set up to give you...

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