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Simplify your Supply Chain with Vire

Simplify your supply chain process

Vire has always been about businesses. From the very beginning, we envisaged an online platform that can bridge the gap between companies and the technology products that they require to move to the next level. The site evolved from a simple online store to a service that provides more than the product itself. Here are some of what we believe we have brought to the service to simplify your supply chain process:

Getting Quotations for Products

A common problem that we noticed with business purchases is that quotations are required more frequently than straight forward credit card purchases, so that's exactly where we went with the site. We also saw that supply chain and procurement visitors often needed quotes on multiple items at once, sometimes because of multiple internal purchase requests. That is when we decided to ditch the shopping cart and buy button, and started using a Quote List and a Quote button, which sends us a quote request for all of the products that you've added to your Quote List.

Instead of going to numerous suppliers, your supply chain staff can get everything they need in one place, reducing turnaround time for purchases by consolidating quotations from multiple suppliers.

Customer Service

eCommerce is often a very solitary purchasing process, where a buyer is left to their own intuition and time to find the right products to buy. While that is a blessing to some buyers, sometimes a little bit of assistance can prevent costly mistakes, especially on high value items. Our customer service team is eager to help you find the right product, and we're always just an email, call or Facebook message away. 

Value Added Services

 Vire tries to go the extra mile by providing some value-added service on applicable products. Our business is not just to pass a product off to our customers and leave them in the dark about what happens next. When you request a quotation, you are more than welcome to ask if we offer installation services, or maintenance plans.

If any of these qualities appeal to you or your supply chain process, feel free to request a quote from our website, send us an email or give us a call on 012-460-6240.

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